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Office hours  (summer term 2015)

Mondays, 1-2 pm

and by appointment

and by appointment (jtemmen@uni-potsdam.de)

Skype office hours:

Skype contact: temmenpotsdam (or jtemmen@uni-potsdam.de)

Please contact me in advance via email to arrange exact time



Jens Temmen studied American Studies, Political Science, and Medieval and Modern History at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, and earned his M.A. in 2012 with a thesis on “Displacing the Nation in the American Southwest: Joaquin Murieta and Geronimo’s Story of His Life.” After having taught at JGU Mainz, he currently holds a teaching appointment at the University of Potsdam, where he is also working on his PhD project by the working title of “Overriding Native American Nationhood: Transnational and Legal American Spaces (1788-present).” His dissertation project focuses on the literary creation and negotiation of indigenous spaces in the territories of the continental United States, by analyzing fiction and nonfiction narratives as well as legal texts that attempt to overwrite sovereignty, jurisdiction, and agency in these spaces. The thesis engages theories of nationhood and space to highlight strategically designed patterns of spatial negotiations through various practices of displacement and disavowal in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries up to the critical junction between westward expansion and the inception of the emerging American Empire.

Jens Temmen, M.A.                                                                                                              American Literature and Culture                                                                                        Department of English and American Studies                                                                       University of Potsdam                                                                                                           Am Neuen Palais 10                                                                                                         Building 19, Room 0.24                                                                                                   14469 Potsdam                                                                                                                 Germany

Fon: ++49331-977-1772                                                                                                     Email: jtemmen@uni-potsdam.de

Office: Building 19, Room 0.24


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